Festive Challenge 2016

The Lost Loiners hosted the Rawdon Rhinos in the 2016 Festive Challenge. Without an inporvment in the weather that had temporally forced the Loiners to find an alternative venue for Monday nights, the going was heavy for all. Although not as heavy going as G1 found it on his crutches!!

Despite not playing for a few months, it was Rawdon that strated the stronger of the sides with a break-away try after soaking up Loiners pressure on their own line.

After mastering the winter conditions the better of the two sides, it was Rawdon who came out on top 12-2. Fun was had by all in the Morley mud, and here's to more meetings betwwen the two sides in 2016.

#mud #rawdonrhinos #lostloiners #festivechallenge

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