Lost Loiners Awards Night 2011.

The 'Golden Dummies' were once again held at Hunslet Hawks Phoenix Bar, with entertainment been provided by the Above Average Weight Band. In a change to the running order, we started the night off with 'Odd Balls Bingo'. With a collections of phrases heard on a Monday night, it was the band that won the star prize of Namibian Beer. After that the raffle was drawn with the main prize of 2 tickets to the 4 Nations Final at Elland Road. After that it was onto the main event.


Top Try Scorer:-

Only tries in the league tournaments count for this award, mainley because we don't keep count on Mondays! For the first time the top try scorer is tried, both player scoring 18 tries - Winners Danny Broadbent & Michael Evers


'Sticky Balls' Award:-

This award went to a man who always likes to get his hands on the ball. Many say he just likes playing with himself. Rarley can a man have played with himself so often during a games, its almost like the ball is stuck to him. We have got his training aid (ball on string!) so he can experience sticky balls 24hrs a dayif he wants. Winner - Michael Evers


Newcomer of the Year:-

Nominees - Abi Broadbent; Becky Pang; William Durant


3rd place - Becky Pang

2nd place -  Abi Broadbent

Winner - William Durant.


'Golden Bucket'

We have resurrected an old Loiners tradition. The 'Golden Bucket' award for the best handling ie... "He couldn't catch the ball even with a bucket!!". Although there were many possible contenders for this prestigious award each week, there could be only one winner - Ben Day (although when the award was thrown to him he did catch it!!).


Most Improved Player

Or as it is now known, the Ben Day Award, due to him winning it 2 years running!

Nominees - Andrew Dobson; Ben Day; Helen Fell.


3rd place - Non other than Ben Day!

2nd place - Andrew 'Dobby' Dobson

Winner - Helen Fell.


Golden Dummy

This is formerly the Golden Dummy, but as Harry used all the paint on the bucket it's the Sam Tomkins Award. The winners are - Michael Evers & Danny Broadbent for keeping the ref's in line on a monday evening. Scott Johnson for his disagreement with the standard of refreeing in the tournaments & Simon Cummings for his little spat at Rochdale!


Club Person of the Year

The nominees - Harry Evers; Scott Johnson; Sam Grundy.


3rd Place - Sam Grundy

2nd Place - Scott Johnson

Winner - Harry Evers


Man of Biscuit

 The winner is - PJ


Tournament Player of the Year

Nominees - Danny Broadbent; Kirk Worsnop; Mark Whitley


3rd Place - Kirk Worsnop

2nd Place - Danny Broadbent

Winner - Mark Whitley


Players Player of the Year

Nominees - John Hope; Mark Whitley; Sam Grundy


3rd Place - Sam Grundy

2nd Place - John Hope

Winner - Mark Whitley.


Hall Of Fame

The inaugural Lost Loiners Hall of Fame Inductee is - Bob Whitley


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