Back in 2011, the Loiners decided to add a new award to that years Awards Night. This would honour players who had been an integral part of the club and team. To help us with this, we have set up a Lost Loiners Hall OF Fame. As with most Hall Of Fame's we have a few qualifications for players to meet before they can be added. 1st, they must have played for a substanial peroid of time, and 2nd they must now have retired.


#1 Bob Whitley

Our first inductee to our Hall Of Fame meets all the aforementioned critera. Everyone enjoyed playing alongside him in both games and training alike, but no amount of asking got him to put his boots back on! Unfortunately he hasn't been in the best of health since hanging up his boots, but he's still seen on a Monday night when bringing his son to training.


Inductee #1 October 2011

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